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Food Sensitivity Testing

The Principles of Bioresonance and Biofeedback Therapy

by Julie Langton Smith MSc

Bioresonance and Biofeedback therapy is a new and dynamic health science that helps to detect disease and illness to guide the patient to better health.

This first book investigates the popular subject of Food Intolerances, Sensitivities and Allergies using Bioresonance/Biofeedback therapy. It will demonstrate the practice of food testing for a patient and help a practitioner understand how to produce a food elimination plan for the patient.

It covers the history of the tremendous growth in complementary medicine of the last century to today with the emphasis on bio physics, the use of energy in health assessment and healing. It describes the principles of how this therapy works and includes practical working knowledge for a practitioner as well as information for a patient.

  • Past to Present - Covering the history of the tremendous growth in complementary medicine from the last century to today.

  • Covering All Popular Symptoms - Identifying possible previously unidentified causes behind symptoms such as fatigue, headahces, IBS and weight gain.

  • Helpful How-Tos - Demonstrating the pratices of food testing for a patient with helpful guides for training practitioners as to how to understand results and produce food plans.

  • Helpful Nutrition Guides - Easily displayed information to help understand what's really in our foods.



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