Langton Smith Clinic

For better health naturally

Offering a combination of therapies and specialising in:

- Counselling

- Hypnotherapy  

- Full Health Screening



I am writing to thank you for creating the hypnotherapy for weight loss. I purchased the download at a point when I was feeling pretty desperate for help. I just couldn't drop any weight and had begun to feel that I never would. However, with much prayer and daily listening to your hypnotherapy, I have managed to drop about thirty pounds over the last few months. I have a few more to pounds to go, but I am joyful about my progress so far! CQ. USA

In late 2015 my son was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, adjustment disorder and depression. He then spent over a year under the NHS being treated with various therapies which produced no discernible results or improvements.
I was recommended Julie by a distant relative in 2017. She was able to quickly get to the root of my son’s issues and unravel the complex muddle of his mind.
After the first session with Julie myself and other close family members could immediately see a marked improvement in mood and behaviour. Over the course of treatment there have been continued improvements. My son is now fully engaged in life again. He has returned to his thoughtful, helpful, polite and hard-working self. It is a pleasure to have him around. CA. UK

I first approached Langtonsmith clinic after a period of itching skin, nose bleeds, energy depletion and anxiety. The initial test was the food sensitivity and thereafter a full health test. On both occasions I followed  Julie´s advice with which foods to eliminate, reduce or avoid plus took the recommended supplements and homeopathic remedies. After the first 3 months the itching skin had stopped and nose bleeds reduced. After the second test and follow up medicines my nose bleeds have stopped, anxiety levels have significantly reduced and my general energy levels are in balance again.I can highly recommend the Biofeedback(Bioresonance treatment and support for both mental and physical imbalances. Thank you langtonsmithclinic for opening up a happier and healthier world for me and my family.  AB Sweden


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